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Monday 16 September, 2019 | RSS Feed

Planning Your Next Business Function

If you take a look in your local paper you will always see day trips out advertised. These trips are a great way of seeing the sights and making new friends with the same interests as you. Whether going with 50 people or just 5 you can have a good time no matter what.

There are different types of trips that you can go on.

City breaks.

If there's a city that you've always wanted to see but never had the chance to do so why not go on a day trip there. You will be going on the coach with lots of others with the same interest as you. Certain tourist areas are particularly good to visit such as Cambridge, Bath or Blackpool.

Theme parks.

Going on a day trip to a theme park is great fun for all the family. When you arrive you merely agree a time with your coach or minibus driver and meet back then. That leaves you free to spend the day tiring yourself out for a nice nap on the way home.


Exhibitions are famously popular for their over priced parking fees so why not save money and go on a day trip. You can go on a day trip to almost any event including Crufts, The Baby Show, The Ideal Home Show and many more!

Theatre breaks.

These are ideal if you love the theatre. The coach arrives at a set time to collect you,  you arrive with time to find a restaurant to eat at, catch a show and leisurely make your way back home whilst singing all the tunes in the play.

Seaside trips.

Sun bathing can be very tiring which is why it's so handy to have someone to drive you home! Don't forget to take your bucket and spade though. You could even squeeze a lilo in the storage compartment!


A lot of schools and local businesses organise day trips to certain large shopping malls. Going on a day trip means you can shop with a large group of friends (not the usual 4 that you can fit in a car) and you still wont have to limit your shopping to how much you can fit in the boot.


Most events such as football matches or a day at the races cater for large groups and there is no easier way of travelling than by coach. You won't want to be driving back after a few drinks!

Day trips are such a good way of seeing the country and doing different things. You will be going with like minded people who will want to be there (no more dragging the kids to places they don't want to go). It's often cheaper to take a coach hire service [] than driving as you save on petrol and parking fees. And last but not least you get to relax after a long day instead of tiring yourself out even more by driving home. If you want to do something different tomorrow, go on a day trip.

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