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Air in Nike

Have you ever heard of Nike air max shoes or Nike Air Force 1? Those are Nike shoes applied with a special technology- Nike air.

What would it feel with air in your shoes? In the following paragraph we will make it known to you all.

The principle

Knowing the principle will make it easier for you to understand what on earth this technology is. The air technology is a special gas encapsulated strongly into tough synthetic rubber of air cushion. The key factors lead to the successful of this technology lies in the air cushion. The inserted special gas volume is greater than the slight gap of synthetic rubber that the gas have no chance to leak out. And the air absorbing external vibration and pressure, then quickly restoring back to original appearance, at the same time prepared for the next shock, what`s more, it will not wear out as the life cycle of shoe goes.

The invention It is Frank Rudy who first put forward the principle-to use inflatable air cushion to enhance the shock of athletic shoes, and one year later, Nike air came out and brought about a revolution in sports shoes. And it was the first air technology developed at Nike; it remains the standard in impact protection more than 20 years after its debut.

The advantages Durable: it will not wear out as the life cycle of shoe goes. Versatile: it is famous of its comfortable could be used in varies kinds of sports shoes. Stability: provide users with better stability and control while moving around.