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Christmas Gift Ideas for Guitar Players

Does your son, husband, father or someone close to you play guitar? Trying to think of a Christmas gift that will relate to their hobby but also be fun and unique? I've got a few ideas for you to consider as the Holiday season is just around the corner.

DVD Guitar Lessons

No matter what skill level a guitar player is at there is sure to be a guitar lesson dvd that will help them improve and grow their abilities. There are some wonderful beginner guitar courses available as well as genre and style specific dvds for the blues, jazz or rock and roll.


Every guitarist needs accessories. You can stick to the normal stuff like guitar strings, tuners and guitar picks or branch out and consider a harmonica which is a great accessory to learn and play along while playing guitar, or possibly consider getting them some shakers or a tambourine. These are great fun to use when having a sing-a-long.

A few other accessory ideas

For beginners: electric tuner, chord book or a guitar tab book of easy acoustic songs

For intermediate guitarists: Capo, glass or steel slide, song book of their favorite artist or band

Singing Lessons

Now not every guitar player wants to be able to sing and play but I'd say more then half of them do. The trouble is many people don't believe they can sing or they're just to shy to try. Why not consider getting them singing lessons?

You have a couple of options here. You could get them a gift certificate to a local music school or store that offers voice lessons or you could purchase a DVD voice training course. Both options will improve their voice and help build confidence that they can sing and play their guitar at the same time.