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High Premium Navy Nike Dunk

The High Premium Navy Nike Dunk is arguably one of the most remarkable products in 'High Dunks' family of Nike shoes. Other quite remarkable members of this popular family of products include the so-called 'Earthquake Edition' Premium High Nike, the Black and white Premium High Nike Dunk, the so-called 'Glow in the Dark' Premium High Nike, the ND-GS (Spider) Premium High Nike Dunk, and the 'lucky bee' High Nike; to name but a few. Over the years, I have gotten to use quite a huge number of Nike Dunks, both high and low. Of all these, however, I must confess that it is the High Premium Navy Nike Dunk that I have gotten most enchanted with.

When you set your eyes on the High Premium Navy Nike, the first thing you notice about it is color: for it is a truly colorful shoe. Indeed, looking at it keenly, it is not hard to identify more than 10 different colors, on the various colorful patches that make up the shoe. At the very bottom part of the shoe's sole, the part that gets into contact with the ground when the wearer is walking, there is navy blue. The upper part of the sole, through which the sole gets joined to the shoe's main body, there is white.

Navy blue makes another dominant appearance, on a meshed patch covering the front part of the shoe (the part surrounding the toes), and another similar meshed patch which stretches from the middle to the very back end of the shoe. A very dark hue of blue makes an appearance on the patch where the shoelace holes are to be found, with navy blue, once again, adorning the original pair of shoelaces that the High Premium Navy Nike comes with. A patch that makes most of the shoe's middle section is 'checked' in brown and black, with cream making the lines between the various checked boxes.

The main Nike tick on the High Premium Navy Nike is colored green. As on most modern Nike Dunk products, this is elongated from one side of the shoe, to the back of the shoe, and all the way round to emerge on the opposite side where it is terminated.

The High Premium Navy Nike is not a spectacularly tall shoe. It is not a very short shoe either; it just happens to be bereft of the visual effects that are known to make other 'high' dunks look taller than they actually are. What is notable about the High Premium Navy Nike, height-wise, is that its height-gain is gradual, with the gradient starting immediately one is past the front section where the toes go in. This is a departure from other Nike Dunks - where the height-gain has tended to be quite sudden, concentrated towards the middle section of the shoe.

As in most 'high' Nike Dunks, the securing mechanism on the High Premium Navy Nike is a shoelace; with provision for 18 shoelace holes, clearly more than most people would ever ask for.