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Is It Time Your Company Started Using Reusable Protective Packag

If part of your business involves delivering products to customers, making sure they arrive in good condition and on time will be essential for success. If you're yet to use reusable protective packaging, it may be time to give it some serious consideration.

1. Is your business spending heavily on repairing damaged goods? Whenever a product gets damaged in transit, it needs to be repaired (or in the worst cases, scrapped) at the cost of the business. If this happens time and time again, it could be having a considerable impact on your profit margins. Better protective packaging could significantly reduce the risk of any damage.

2. Are your transit costs high due to repeat deliveries? Even if the damage is minimal and can be fixed relatively cheaply, the cost of redelivering the items could be enough to warrant reviewing your packaging choices.

3. Are your goods being refused because they're dirty? It's not just damaged goods that can lead to failed deliveries. If the packaging used does not keep the products away from the dirt and grime that can build up on lorries and vans, the customer is likely to refuse acceptance. Even if the customer does accept the items, chances are they will soon be calling up asking your drivers to collect the items for repair - at further cost and inconvenience to the business.

4. Is your business spending too much on your protective packaging? If your packaging costs are particularly high, it may be time to consider reusable transit covers that can be applied to packaging time after time, saving you the expense of topping up your stocks.

5. Are your customers being inconvenienced because of failed deliveries? In many cases, customers will take time off work to be in for the agreed time when their product is being delivered. If that product then needs replacing due to damage or dirt, it could cause them the inconvenience of having to take even more time away from work. This could seriously damage your reputation and the relationship you have established with them.

6. Are your customers going elsewhere for subsequent purchases? If you're noticing a trend of your customers going elsewhere for future purchases or - even worse - cancelling their orders because of the condition their products arrive in, you need to take action quickly to get off this very slippery slope. Quality protective packaging could save you considerable sums in the long run.

7. Do your environmental credentials leave a lot to be desired? Environmental issues are close to many people's hearts and that could include your customers. Nowadays, firms are expected to do their bit to help the environment or at least not contribute to the problem. One way to do this is by turning to reusable protective packaging.

8. Does your business spend too much money on waste? If your packaging ends up being thrown away after each delivery, not only will it be bad for the environment, but it could also cost your business money. Reusable transit covers and other forms of recyclable packaging will help keep those costs to a minimum.

9. Do you have low brand recognition? Many firms providing quality protective packaging solutions also allow you to print your branding onto the covers you're using. That can demonstrate greater ownership and raise recognition of your logo.

10. Are you using one size and shape of protecting packaging for all products? A lot of packaging still be used will be one-size fits all, resulting in inefficient use of the material you have. The right protective packaging supplier will provide customised solutions that are designed to provide the best possible coverage and protection for your goods.