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Make $100 a Day 100% Online: How To Earn $3000 a Month in the Ne

Are you sick and tired of the empty promises? Fed up with the gurus? Do you have a serious desire to work online, but are starting to find your options feel a bit thin? Are you waiting for the next "magic bullet" or "secret strategy" to turn your business, your bank account and your LIFE around for good?

The bad news is... and I hate to be the one to share it, but...

It's NOT out there. The real secret, the pink elephant in the middle of the room is this:

The ONLY legitimate way to earn a full time income online is through CONTROL.

You have to control what you create. Affiliate products may make you "rich" for a year or two, but if that affiliate program stops paying, or gets "booted" from the network, or cuts commissions in half, you are "Stuck like Chuck" (as my 6 year nephew likes to say every time he gets into a bind).

The GOOD news is, you CAN control what you create, and you can build a big income in the process, while contributing your natural enthusiasm, expertise, authority and opinion in your niche, industry or marketplace.

The KEY is to become a "coach". I know that sounds a bit new agey, but it's really not.

Would you rather hire a credit clinic, or a personal credit coach?

Would you rather have a business advisor, or a business COACH who is right beside you helping you grow every step of the way. (and who has a demonstrated track record of success, and innovative strategies to help you meet your goals?)

You see, $100 a day is actually a very LOW number if you learn how to position yourself properly.

But it's a unfortunately, so many people who work online are so used to earning $100 a MONTH, (or less) that it's an appealing number for an article like this one. (even though you should be able to easily break through this very, very quickly)

Want to know the FASTEST way to get to $100 a day?

Have ONE offer that is 10x that number, and focus on getting 2 or 3 people to sign up per month.

I don't care if you are a cooking coach, or a credit coach, a yoga or raw food coach, or an entrepreneurial coach like me, you CAN (and will) be able to sign up 3 people a month on a 4 figure offer, if you can demonstrate value (remember, value is often a very personal thing, I would GLADLY pay a credit coach $1000 to improve my credit score 200 points, or a yoga trainer to teach me things in a one on one live (or recorded) setting that will allow me to accelerate my "spiritual growth" or whatever the hot buttons are in the niche you compete in).

You can create products. You can offer services. You can even sell affiliate products FAR easier once you have created real relationships with your readership, and created a community of fans, friends and followers who WILL trust your advise and expertise!

The 90 plan is this:


Opt In's


That's it. Write articles like this one. Have a list or relationship building instrument (commonly called an opt in page). And make LOTS of offers. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to build momentum, and buyer, and a business you can BANK on from this point forward to boot!